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A Travel Agent’s View from the Rainbow Wedding Expo

Sunday August 2nd , was the third annual Rainbow Wedding Expo held at the Marriott in downtown Providence. This is our third year as exhibitors at the event. We were interested to note how the crowds have changed over the years.

The first year we had a lot of "lookers:" people who came to the event just to see who was there and what services were available. The second year, the crowds were definitely less than the first year, but this crowd came with definite ideas of what they wanted for their wedding.

This year we saw crowds coming in with a purpose. They had wedding dates and were clearly looking for the right vendors. At our travel booth we spoke to many couples who clearly knew what they wanted, as well as couples who were open to suggestions.

That is where a good travel agent can really help. We can counsel you on the resorts, and on choosing hotels that are inclusive and will treat everyone with dignity and respect. We are well-versed in which tour operators are welcoming and will work to find them with your budget in mind.

We are experienced in LGBT weddings, as well as destination weddings and honeymoons. We can help ensure you're going to the most welcoming resorts. Let us help you navigate the confusing world LGBT travel. Call us today!

Steve Haunschild August 18, 2015