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Big Celebrations in the U.S. for the New Year

Big Celebrations in the U.S. for the New Year

Big Celebrations in the U.S.

New York - Many people have seen the broadcast of the New Year's Eve celebration in New York and it is no doubt one of the largest, most exciting events in the country but there are plenty of other great parties that don't cost quite as much to attend. If New York is on your bucket list it's more affordable than you may think, depending on where you stay, but it is still one of the most expensive places to ring in the New Year. If you're set on New York you should discuss it with your travel agent, as there are a number of hotels that offer packages, some of them actually overlooking Times Square right where the ball will drop.

New Orleans – New Orleans’s is known for throwing some of the best parties around and although Mardi Gras is their biggest the New Year's celebration is nothing to shake a stick at. Not only does the party last until the early morning hours, but midnight brings amazing fireworks displays over the Mississippi and the dropping of the Fleur de Lis in Jackson Square. The real fun starts when everyone heads to Bourbon Street where the party goes on and music can be heard from every bar you pass.

Las Vegas – The party capital of the country is another great place to enjoy some New Year's shenanigans. Not only do they have a slew of beautiful hotels where you can splurge on an over-the-top room or suite but the list of shows that go on during the celebration is unbelievable. The strip comes alive with the excitement of ringing in the New Year carefree and ready to have some serious fun. Add to that the fireworks display that includes launchings from seven different rooftops and you have yourself a one-of-a-kind celebration that will leave lasting memories.

Admin December 28, 2017