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Choosing a Honeymoon Destination: Two Perfect Honeymoon Destinations in Mexico

Choosing a Honeymoon Destination: Two Perfect Honeymoon Destinations in Mexico

Choosing a Honeymoon Destination: Two Perfect Honeymoon Destinations in Mexico

There are so many beautiful places to choose from in Mexico. The first step is to narrow your choices, before you even begin thinking about accommodation options. Of course, there are those destinations that are known for their romantic qualities and their popularity as Honeymoon destinations.

Places like Cancun and Cabos San Lucas – just to name a few... But if you and your spouse are looking for a destination that is unique and possibly off the beaten path, there are many terrific options in Mexico. Below are descriptions of two such places in Mexico that will give you some food for thought.

While most of the more popular honeymoon destinations in Mexico involve sandy beaches and long walks along the coast, there are some lovely places to visit that are inland. These cities are usually characterized by a historic quaintness that the busy beach towns have replaced with more modernity as tourism increased. San Miguel de Allende and Guanjuato are both such places.

  • San Miguel de Allende – Although it still maintains its enchanting historic charm, San Miguel de Allende does provide for a modern experience when it comes to dining and amenities. The city is a haven of five-star restaurants and world-class hotels amidst a backdrop of original cobblestone streets and older homes and buildings. It is a large city, that offers no shortage of activities. Cultural festivals are often held here during the year. It has also been deemed the "most beautiful town in Mexico." If that isn't reason enough to toss it around as an option then surely the food, art, and culture will push it over the edge.
  • Guanjuato – Guanjuato is another mesmerizing city in Mexico that doesn't receive enough attention. The bright colored colonial architecture and cobblestone streets make the traveler feel like he/she has not only traveled to another destination but to another era as well. The city is by no means small and constantly provides its locals and visitors with activities, including a very esteemed international art festival every year. There are also many great museums and ample opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

Both cities are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, and are well worth going to, just for the history. Add to that, the fine dining and luxurious accommodations and you have yourself the perfect honeymoon destination.

Don Fuchs February 5, 2018