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Small Weddings Are the Best!

Small Weddings Are the Best!

I recently participated in a small bridal show where the location was considered “rustic”. This bridal show producer loves to spotlight the smaller venues like barns, lodges, and fields. There are many places to have a small intimate wedding. Many of these locations can handle both the wedding and reception. Smaller venues are on the rise with restrictions on the number of people getting together.

I spoke to couples in a relaxed atmosphere, and was able to speak to pretty much everyone about honeymoons and destination weddings. If you are wanting a smaller wedding, consider a destination wedding; they don’t need to be in the Caribbean or Mexico, there are great locations everywhere for a small wedding group.

Flight restrictions are not so strict for travel in the US. Short flights are affordable which make them a great getaway, along with having a great beach or woodland wedding.

Most couples think that a destination wedding is expensive, however, they can be less than a local wedding. Another consideration is that most of your guests have been stuck at home and a quick 3-4 day trip would be a nice relief from not being able to travel.

We are always available to discuss your ideas, from a close-to-home wedding and/or a great honeymoon.

You can contact us at 401-397-5515 ~ 888-297-0040.

Don Fuchs October 21, 2020