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Vacationing In August

Vacationing In August

Vacationing in August

While some people picture themselves on a beach cooling off in the ocean on a hot balmy day in August, others prefer to get out of the heat and visit destinations with lower temperatures and plenty of summer fun. As it turns out, there are quite a few popular summer destinations that have very mild weather, and many of them have the activities you would find in warmer cities. Whether traveling with family, taking a romantic vacation, or getting away for some much-needed time for yourself, there are places all over the world that offer a reprieve from the heat. If you enjoy lazy days by the lake, being out on the water, hiking, and evening BBQs then consider cool weather places as an alternative for your end of the summer vacation.

During the Warmest Month of the Year, Let Us Help Find Your Perfect Destination!

Not every travel worthy destination is hot in August. In fact, while it is summer time in some places, in other parts of the world it is actually winter. Other destinations are simply far enough north or located in the right proximity to mountains to stay much cooler during the month of August than those closer to the equator. Either way, there are many destinations with plenty of activities and cool weather to choose from for your end of summer dream vacation. Call us to plan your warm weather vacation at 401-397-5515 or 888-297-0040.

Don Fuchs August 8, 2018